Partnership & Possibilities – Episode 9: Power & Politics

Friday, November 16th, 2012

Partnership & Possibilities: A Podcast on Leadership in Organizations

“Politics is really how we get things done – it’s the networks, it’s the interactions, it’s who talks to who, who influences who.”

Running time 31:06

What kinds of power and politics have you seen in your organization? Have you seen positive use of power and politics in your organization?

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Intro – Power and politics in organizations and human interactions.
3:36 –Difference of power and politics at the formal vs. informal level.
6:37 – The impact of power and politics on relationships and how that plays out in the organization.
12:05 – Examples of a leadership development model in organizations in different industries.
16:47 – Everyone in an organization is working from some power base, some level of power. How does that impact how work gets done?
18:47 – The notion of “standing” in an organization. What does this mean and how can it impact an organization that is driven by all-inclusive decision-making?
21:30 – What drives a person to want to take part in all decision-making in an organization?
24:03 – Example of a way a manager in an organization used power.

Robert J. Marshak, Ph.D
Teamwork Required: Managing Agile Application Delivery in a Matrix Organization by Adam Light, Chris Vike, Diana Larsen

Image CC Richard Taylor on flickr

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