Partnership & Possibilities – Episode 8, Season 2

Friday, March 15th, 2013

Partnership & Possibilities: A Podcast on Leadership in Organizations

“How can a leader be an innovator or expect innovation in their own organization if they’re not willing to experiment with the idea of innovation about what leadership is and how you do it?”

Running time 29:00

How is leadership defined in your organization? Does it stay confined at the top or is it a shared function throughout the organization?

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Intro – Leadership in complex adaptive systems.
8:20 – The simple rules explained and exemplified.
11:49 – Applying a flexible approach to achieve change in a dynamical organization.
16:50 – Viewing organizational change in terms of human systems dynamics.
19:04 – Making the leap towards understanding human systems dynamics.
25:29 – A new way of looking at leadership: shared leadership – not defined or represented by only one individual in an organization.

Human Systems Dynamics
Glenda Eoyang, Ph.D.

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  1. Oluf Says:

    I would have liked more examples of simple rules, but otherwise, this was an eye opening episode!

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