Partnership & Possibilities – Episode 1, Season 5

Friday, January 10th, 2014

Partnership & Possibilities: A Podcast on Leadership in Organizations

“Simple rules need to be scalable and generalizable, they have to be action-oriented, and they’re always stated in the positive.”

Running time 27:06

Has your organization, team or group incorporated simple rules? What impact have simple rules had on your group’s coherence?

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[Intro] An inside look at the Consultants Retreat & Network.
[02:40] Incorporating Humans Systems Dynamics in understanding the CRN’s coherence.
[04:44] The impact of simple rules on functional patterns.
[07:20] Applying simple rules to create coherence within the CRN group.
[13:02] Simple rules are flexible and representative of the group.
[16:36] Don’t have too many simple rules – limit the number so they stay relevant, applicable and flexible.
[21:05] If a group cultivates initiative, it must be open to change. An unsuccessful change can be a learning experience.
[24:54] Simple rules can be very powerful and help organizations and distributed teams become more aligned.

Human Systems Dynamics Institute
Simple Rules Foundation

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3 Responses to “Partnership & Possibilities – Episode 1, Season 5”

  1. Dew Drop – January 13, 2014 (#1700) | Morning Dew Says:

    […] Partnership & Possibilities – Episode 1, Season 5 (Diana Larsen & Sharon Buckmaster) […]

  2. Teresa Says:

    Just listened to your podcast for the first time on Episode 1, Season 5 which dealt with Simple rules. I thought it was a good introduction to the concept, but I was left with wondering once the team chose the 5 rules to go by, what action did the team take, if any? What group decisions were being made or addressed? I was left wondering …’so what’? The simple rules are powerful. Thank you. I did learn from your podcast.

  3. Diana Larsen Says:

    Hi Teresa,
    We appreciate you for leaving a comment with your question!

    In my experience, initially the team refers to the Simple Rules when something big comes up that needs a whole group decision. As time goes by, I see team members individually relying on the SRs to make decisions or subgroups doing the same. The more the Simple Rules are applied, the more powerful they become in creating team cohesion and trust.

    We’re glad you liked the podcast and found it useful.

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