Partnership & Possibilities – Episode 1, Season 5

Friday, January 10th, 2014

Partnership & Possibilities: A Podcast on Leadership in Organizations

“Simple rules need to be scalable and generalizable, they have to be action-oriented, and they’re always stated in the positive.”

Running time 27:06

Has your organization, team or group incorporated simple rules? What impact have simple rules had on your group’s coherence?

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[Intro] An inside look at the Consultants Retreat & Network.
[02:40] Incorporating Humans Systems Dynamics in understanding the CRN’s coherence.
[04:44] The impact of simple rules on functional patterns.
[07:20] Applying simple rules to create coherence within the CRN group.
[13:02] Simple rules are flexible and representative of the group.
[16:36] Don’t have too many simple rules – limit the number so they stay relevant, applicable and flexible.
[21:05] If a group cultivates initiative, it must be open to change. An unsuccessful change can be a learning experience.
[24:54] Simple rules can be very powerful and help organizations and distributed teams become more aligned.

Human Systems Dynamics Institute
Simple Rules Foundation

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