Are you managing Agile teams? Are you wondering how to offer the best guidance so teams reach their highest possible performance? Is maximum team productivity on your mind? Are your team members telling you they need additional support to deliver the most productivity?

Here at FutureWorks Consulting, Sharon, Diana, and our network of experienced colleagues continually look for ways to help leaders like you. We offer ideas, services and opportunities to strengthen business agility, build resilience for yourself and others, and improve how you work with Agile teams and organizations. We’ve written before about the Agile Fluency™ model developed by Diana and James Shore, and now we bring you the chance to move the model from idea to implementation, through the Agile Fluency Project.

Maybe you’ve also heard about it from your employees or teammates. However you found us, this is a great deal for you, and we’ll tell you why: This workshop will pay for itself more than 10x over in the first year. How can we be so confident?

Example: Standup meetings - Through participation in the workshop, your team members will discover how to reduce the time spent in daily meetings from 30-60 minutes to 5 minutes (or less) and make team communication more effective! Participants will more practice effective, efficient standup meetings daily throughout the week. Then when they implement this practice back on the job, you will see at least 130 hours of savings per employee in the first year. For a five-person team, that’s easily over $20K in time gained back and waste reduced, not to mention happier team members. What’s more, attendees will be able to teach this technique to everyone in your company and extend the savings even further. It’s that easy.

That’s at least a 10x return on investment, and that’s just one 30-minute segment from the first day of the workshop.

Then we get to the real value.

From the first day, people who attend Diana and Jim’s workshops gain experience with the essential skills of collaboratively working as an Agile team. Everyone learns to work from a backlog of work prioritized by customer and business value, and to produce valuable deliverables from day one as a whole team fluent in One-Star Agile (Focusing on Value)…in the workshop and back in the workplace. They’ll not only learn how to make standup meetings more efficient; all the team meetings will gain efficiency too. How would you like an iteration/sprint planning meeting regularly accomplished in under 30 minutes? What about a product demo that elicits actionable feedback on product quality? Need we mention retrospectives that teams use to continuously improve work process and practices? Your organization’s increased ROI also will come from your team’s ability to ensure the customer gets what they need from the first release onward.

As workshop teams settle into effective teamwork skills, they also improve technical practices - for the programmers that means TDD, continuous integration, and more; - for the testers that means automated and exploratory testing skills; - for the product managers (e.g., POs, BAs, PMs) that means better ways to identify the most important “-ilities” while managing customer and stakeholder expectations and re-prioritizing the backlog accordingly. And for managers, like you, it means learning how to best support the team for sustainable productivity. Everyone will learn how the illusive “no-defects” promise becomes actual fact. We call that Two-Star Agile Fluency (Delivering Value). How would you like your team to respond to customer demand by releasing software on the cadence most useful to customers? Would more frequent, reliable, bug-free, applications please your internal customers or help your market position?

By the end of the workshop, teams will go even further in practicing fluent Agile at Three-Stars (Optimizing Value). Team members from all disciplines (programming, testing, business, UX, and so forth) will learn how to comprehend the business case for their product, share the product vision, and communicate in a way the rest of the organization can understand. As a result of their deep identification with the customer, team members will practice ways to contribute feature ideas and quality improvements to increase product value. This means better focused, more innovative products, as well as less time spent on unproductive activities (e.g., building that 40% of features that no one ever uses).

In addition, this workshop delivers particular value to teams with members who are not usually co-located. Attending together gives them the opportunity to develop good, collaborative practices, and enables them to continue those practices when they work separately. They’ll also learn a few tips for reducing the waste from mis-communication and wait-time.

Still not convinced? We offer a 100%, zero risk, satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the workshop, for any reason whatsoever, let us know within 30 days of the end of the workshop and we’ll refund your fee. Guaranteed. Please join us and back the Agile Fluency Project.