World Domination Summit is a worldwide gathering of amazing people who explore ways to enrich their lives through community, adventure, and service.

On August 11–15, 2016 a small army of remarkable people is returning to Portland, Oregon for a weekend of strategizing and adventure. Join us?

The name is a bit inscrutable but that’s the point… it’s an emergent “happening” of sorts. Smart people exchange ideas, resources, and inspiration on topics serious, provocative, weird, and/or personally relevant with anyone and everyone. Yes, there are talks by well-known people, but there are also meetups, academies, parties, and apparently lots of yoga.

This will be my first time attending. I’m going to be an “Ambassador,” although I still don’t know exactly what that means. I know that attendees are tasked with coming up with a goal they want to accomplish in their lives that relates to community, adventure, and/or service and they use that goal as an organizing principle for their time at the summit.

I’ve been noodling on that and right now my goal is to identify a game plan for the next chapter in my life. Stay tuned as I see how and where I incorporate that focus into my time at the summit! Maybe I’ll see you there?