Whether you know it or not, organization design influences your practice and the way your organization conducts its business. Awareness is better. 

For Organization Design, Organization Development, and Agile Center of Excellence consultants and practitioners who want to explore the influence of organization design in greater depth and breadth, the Organization Design Forum conference is in Santa Fe, New Mexico, this year, April 25-27, with pre-conferences on Monday, April 24rd. The conference is one of my favorites to attend because it’s small (80-100 people), welcoming, and generous. Registration is open now. 

The conference offers two days where speakers present sessions in a highly engaging format, involving both seasoned and new practitioners. It also makes space for a one day of "organization design bazaar" where attendees and speakers explore their latest thinking and practice in org design–in addition to two exciting pre-conference workshops, plenary sessions with leaders in the field, and fun evening events for networking and winding down. 

Organized by volunteers from the Organization Design Forum, the event emphasizes connecting, sharing, and discussions about the important work we do in the world.  Full disclosure: I have attended this event for the past four years, and this year I'm a co-chair! 

Please follow the link, register, and join us!