Secrets of Agile Teamwork

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Are you ready to take your Agile team to the next level?

Beyond technical skills, Agile success depends on productive self-organizing teams. How do you develop, grow, and maintain a functioning self-organizing team? It’s not magic, but it doesn’t just happen either. Effective self-organizing teams rely on personal and interpersonal effectiveness. In this hands-on workshop, we’ll discover the secrets to developing the skills you need to succeed and lead on a self-organizing team.


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It's Thanksgiving Day in the U.S.; a time that reminds me to appreciate my world.

I appreciate you, my colleagues and friends, for supporting me and challenging me. I appreciate my fellow Scrum Masters (of whatever gender) in Boulder for playing along in Open Space with me. I appreciate my family for their love and encouragement. I appreciate my sisters of the moon and the wheel for keeping me focused on what's important.

I am grateful to this planet for its beauty. After several sunny days in Portland, today the clouds have rolled in. I am grateful for the...

HTML blues

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Sigh. I learn a little html and think I'm a programmer. So, just to keep me humble, the universe turns half of my latest blog posting green. The price of chutzpah. Sigh.


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After a leisurely lunchtime walk through grounds of The Alamo, I’ve rejoined a gathering about Open Space in San Antonio, TX. The participants have gathered here because we want a deeper exploration of the issues and opportunities related to using Open Space Technology (OST) in American organizations and communities. Hence, Open Space on Open Space in US. (OsonOSinUS)

The morning started with a robust discussion of using wikis to capture the proceedings from the multiplicity of sessions that occur in Open Space. Ted mentioned Ward Cunningham as he was describing wikis to the rest of the group....