How do you transform your Agile into the Best Job Ever!

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There’s this thing…as Jim (James Shore) and I have mentioned before, in the early days of Agile we would visit teams and hear, “This is the best job I’ve ever had. I love this work.” People who were doing Agile (usually Extreme Programming) were excited about it, they shared it with others, who did it, and got excited. But at some point, someone shared it with someone who got excited about it and shared it but didn’t DO it, so their sharing lost a bit of fidelity, like a copy of a copy.

Agile 2010 - Be There

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I'm attending Agile 2010. Are you?

If you're serious about adopting, grounding, or extending Agile mental models, values, principles, methods, and practices where you work, you'll find answers to your current concerns, and stimulate new questions to consider, at Agile 2010. With 214 sessions ranging across 5 days and 16 thematic stages, you're sure to find many colleagues who face similar challenges.

In Open Jam, the self-organizing area of the conference, you'll find thought leaders whose deep curiosity and desire to learn leads them to sit with you and explore your situation. You'll also find peers and...

Agile 2010 & the Flood

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When the rains came down and the flood waters rose in Nashville TN one month ago, it became clear the Agile Alliance would have to “respond to change” rather than “following the plan” for our annual Agile 2010 conference—with the conference scheduled to open in only 14 weeks. Seattle

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A group of people in the community in Seattle have organized a conference in just a couple of months. They decided to use an Open Space Technology format and asked me to facilitate the conference. My company, FutureWorks Consulting, agreed to sponsor the conference by donating my time, so I jumped at the chance. Though I usually hang out with the Agile software development crowd, last November I met a few guys at the OreDev conference in Sweden. We had great conversations there, and I was eager for more interactions with these really smart people. And it...