Culture is what makes your organization unique and gives it a special flavor. Culture has a strong impact on morale, productivity, well-being and commitment. Leaders have a strong impact on culture.

Is your culture the healthiest it can be? We live in a fast-paced world of constant change. Does your culture provide the necessary framework for organizational effectiveness and agility?

Assessment Sample

These are the types of questions we ask during a cultural assessment of your organization. Can you answer them with a resounding yes?

Question 1 ​Do staff have a clear idea of why and how to proceed throughout change processes?
  • If Yes, everyone understands the destination, the roadmap, and the expected length of the trip. Everyone rides in the same car, excited to embark on the journey together.​​
  • If No, there is a lot of “quibbling in the back seat,” the route seems circular or overly dangerous, and staff are arguing about where we are actually headed.
Question 2 Does everyone have access to timely and accurate information about what’s really happening and why?
  • If Yes, as a leader, you ensure everyone has the information they need to do their work. Transparency is real, not a buzz word.
  • If No, you dole out information on a “need to know” basis. Information is seen by leadership as a source of power or status.
Question 3 Do individuals, teams, and functional areas have compatible goals?
  • If Yes, you see an energizing link between achieving organization goals and personal, professional goals. You know everyone’s strengths and how they serve both goals.
  • If No, staff don’t stay for “the long haul.” Often not well-matched to their work, they gripe about pay and hours. There’s less sense of “we” and more “us vs. them.”
Question 4 Do teams have the authority and the autonomy to get their work done with optimal effectiveness?
  • If Yes, teams are clearly chartered and have clarity on each member’s roles. They have a sense of ownership for both the processes used and the outcomes of their work.
  • If No, collaboration breaks down. Teams are bogged down in unproductive conflict. Teams lose sight of the big picture, distracted by technical or low-priority details.

What’s next?

If your answers to these questions are all absolutely, positively Yes, as a leader, you’re ensuring that you have a culture where people can thrive in their work. If you’re closer to a No or Not Sure, it’s time to explore opportunities to accelerate agile performance for leaders, staff, and teams.​

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