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Q&A with Diana Larsen on her Contributions to the Agile Community and the Agile Fluency Model

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At the Agile Open Northwest Open Space event Diana Larsen led some discussions about the utilization and evolution of the Agile Fluency model. Afterwards Diana spoke to InfoQ about her involvement with and contributions to the Agile community over the last 13 years and the fluency model. Read the whole interview:

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The Commitment To Lifelong Learning

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Women At Work

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.
-John Quincy Adams

Linda never would have imagined the role she now finds herself playing as the head of a multi-million dollar non-profit organization complete with staff, board of directors, volunteers, and members numbering in the thousands. As she told me recently, she often wonders how exactly it is that she wound up here and how she is doing…really. Her concerns come not from false modesty but from her unconventional path towards leadership.

In the fall of...

Strengthen The Muscle

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Last month we talked about resilience - what it is and where it comes from. Because that newsletter prompted more comments and feedback than we have ever had to any newsletter, we decided to explore the topic a bit more. So now let’s proceed with resilience redux…

We ended our last article with a quote from Diane Coutu’s HBR article (May 2002) on resilience. She said, “Resilience is a reflex, a way of facing and understanding the world…resilient people and companies face reality with staunchness, make meaning...

Just Another Buzzword?

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Women working with molten glass

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By Sharon Buckmaster

We are all familiar with the scenario. One author coins or uses a term, it gets picked up by someone else, both are quoted in a third source and so on. Pretty soon, it is on the pages of Harvard Business Review and now it is the latest bona fide management craze. Lately, there has been quite a crop of articles on resilient individuals, resilient organizations, resilience as the new skill no manager can do without, revenue...

Sound Familiar?

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Women working with molten glass

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By Sharon Buckmaster

In our local daily newspaper for September 5th (yes, the actual hold-it-in-your-hand variety), a small article caught my eye. The First Lady of Japan says she has such a busy schedule that sometimes it is up to the prime minister to wash the dishes or take out the garbage.

Akie Abe is a big supporter of the “womenomics” policy of promoting women’s advancement. She says Japan needs this policy because women are under-represented in senior-level positions in companies,...

Endless Blessings for Your Team

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Recently, I read an interview between Bernie DeKoven (who has aliases as varied as: Major Fun, The Shaman of Play, and more) and Barry Joseph (Associate Director For Digital Learning, Youth Initiatives, at the American Museum of Natural History). While the whole interview is delightful, and I recommend it, I was particularly struck by the game called "The Out Blessing Game" or "Endless Blessings.

Empirical “Certification” — Invest in Results

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If you’re in a particular Agile crowd, “certification” is a dirty word.

On the other hand, the Human Resources/People department in your organization looks for certifications on your resume, asks about them in job interviews, and you may get promoted or better compensated party through the accumulation of certifications. Getting “certified” as a user of a tool, or as a signal of skill acquisition may give you a personal boost as well.

So, what’s with the dirty word? What’s not to like about certification?

How do you transform your Agile into the Best Job Ever!

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There’s this thing…as Jim (James Shore) and I have mentioned before, in the early days of Agile we would visit teams and hear, “This is the best job I’ve ever had. I love this work.”

People who were doing Agile (usually Extreme Programming) were excited about it, they shared it with others, who did it, and got excited.

But at some point, someone shared it with someone who got excited about it and shared it but didn’t DO it, so their sharing lost a bit of fidelity, like a copy of a copy. Hearing about a thing is not the same as doing a thing.

Let’s get REAL about Agile Fluency™

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Preamble: This an update for the Agile Fluency Project on Kickstarter. I'm very excited about the project and its implications for team learning and the world of Agility. Since it's the culmination of our thinking about fluent proficiency and has implications for the Agile community, I'm including it on the FutureWorks blog.

I noticed it first with retrospectives. Esther Derby and I worked to share our insights about this powerful tool in the Agile Retrospectives book. We created a simple, flexible framework that could be dressed with activities most relevant to that team on that day. Many people have...

We'll All Get There Together

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Women At Work

How do you set conditions for organizations to become "learning organizations" and how do you support the self-organizing teams that emerge from this transformation?

In the next article you can read about an industry specific (IT and software development) application of this key piece of our expertise here at FutureWorks Consulting.

But first, for any field, and any organization, we emphasize four main facets to this kind of endeavor.

1. Those doing the work must participate in designing their work process.

Agile team practices and principles, currently cross-pollinating from the world of software development, are what we like to...